Rojo Slate Hanging Cross Plaque - Two Sided, Indoor, Outdoor

Rojo Slate Hanging  Cross Plaque - Two Sided, Indoor, Outdoor
Item# RB2302

Product Description

Rojo Slate Hanging  Cross Plaque - Two Sided, Indoor, Outdoor
16.5 x 16.5 inches. This Rojo slate cross plaque is meant to hang and be seen on both sides. The colors in the stone are plum gray and golden rust and they run in a diagonal pattern when the slate is hung. Each side looks completely different. On one side, on the ends of the cut out of the cross,the cuts extend into the stone, adding to the effect. When stone is cut into it often reveals a lighter color, like this. We often highlight a cut edge so it matches the top color but in this case it adds to the design as it is! We have etched in a starburst pattern around the cross also. The edges are chipped. The back has an overall lighter appearance with some areas of cool dark red, and cool tan. It looks like old, weathered barn wood with the colors and the sections of layers of stone that have been chipped out. They run through the entire piece so it looks like planks! The hook is included. This looks really nice indoors also !This probably could be displayed on a plate holder but there is a whole for the hook at the top and it hangs in a diamond shape.

Small imperfections are part of the beauty of handcrafted, natural products and are often intentional in my work.

The cool, smooth, earthy feel of our crosses will have everyone wanting to touch them, so we recommend cleaning with water or granite and marble cleaner only.


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Our unique granite and stone crosses are a wonderful alternative to the standard metal and wood crosses that are commonly available. We are finding that cross collectors love us! Each cross is also signed by the artist, Rick Brack. Check back with us frequently, since new styles and color combinations are introduced often.

Our designer crosses make perfect gifts! They are excellent for Easter, Confirmation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, high school or college graduation, weddings, Christmas, for your cross collectors, a gift for your Pastor or Priest or just to say "I love you."

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